On June 11, 2010, the Eastern Carolina Artificial Reef Association (ECARA) sank its first ship. The Nepamuk was a schooner that was built in France in 1973. It is 50 feet long, 15 feet wide, draws 8 feet and has a raked stem with a curved transom. She came from the Irish Town of Gibraltar. For the past

several years, the Nepamuk has been sitting at Bock Marine Yard, falling into a state of disrepair after being neglected and abandoned by its owner. Bock Marine realizes how important artificial reefs are to maintaining a healthy marine environment by providing structure for fish of all sizes. As a result, Kenny Bock of Bock Marine donated the Nepamuk to ECARA.


Location: Site of the USS Indra – Starboard side of the Stern, originally resting upright against the Indra but is now on its side.

Depth: 70 ft

Special Thanks

Bock Marine - Donated the Vessel to become and Artificial Reef
TowBoat US - Donated the towing of the Vessel to the site.



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